You know you’re an artist if…


Hi there!

Here are some things that I have realized about myself as an artist. Maybe you can relate.


You know you’re an artist if you…

  1. Go to the craft store for one item and come out with 20 or 30!
  2. Have tons of magazines.
  3. Have a file full of ripped out magazine pages with beautiful color, patterns, and portrait poses. (Because of item 2!)
  4. See objects of art in everything. Cracks in wall, ceiling, sky…
  5. Own 50-100 brushes but usually use your favorite 5.
  6. Screenshot people, places, things from the internet and social media because the color, lighting or pose inspired you.
  7. Are working on 5 or more paintings at a time.
  8. Have 12 tubes of the same paint color…of every color.
  9. Short attention span- starting a series of painting and then it gets boring so you start on a new painting. (See item7.)
  10. Cringe when your kids, nieces, nephews or grandkids squeeze out HUGE GLOBS of your paint when you let them use it. (Or is that just me?)
  11. LOVE paint on your hands.
  12. Have a sketch pad, pencils, pens, maybe a small paint palate on the nightstand by your bed.
  13. Doodle on everything!
  14. Are a messy organized person
  15. Have to give your spouse a disclaimer that the pics, of men are women, on your phone are NOT you checking them out! You just found the colors, the lighting or the pose interesting and you want the picture as reference. (Love you babe. You are so understanding. lol) (See item 6.)
  16. Stalk… follow your favorite artist on social media or the internet.
  17. Could spend hours in museums and completely loose the time.
  18. Have a huge library of art books.
  19. Do a happy dance when you here the PayPal chime. (Happy dance, happy dance….)
  20. Creating art is something you HAVE to do.


It’s been three years since I opened BwrightArt, I can’t believe how the time has flown by! It has been a wonderful journey thus far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thank you for your encouraging words and support of my art.


Thanks for reading,


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