Women Selling Fruit


Hello again!!

Thank you for allowing me to share my trip in the last three blog posts. It was a wonderful experience where I saw and learned a lot.  As a result I have a wealth of beautiful photographs as reference to start a new group of paintings. I wanted to share the process with you. I plan on doing 10 large paintings capturing the beauty of Haiti.
I’ve been working on this new painting for the last 5 weeks. Being a homeschool mom I don’t have large blocks of time to paint. However, I do try to paint or draw SOMETHING almost every day. Some days I don’t get to paint or draw at all, but that’s ok it happens. I figured as long as I’m consistent the paintings will get done. The same goes for you too. If you want to accomplish something don’t get overwhelmed. Just be consistent and you will see the fruit of your efforts.

So back to the piece, I was only able to work on this piece about 30 minutes to an hour each day. In this first image I was so excited about the idea of the image on canvas that I forgot to prime it beforehand.  So it took several strokes and layers of paint just to cover the fabric. It was also a new experience for me working on a piece that big.  I’ve done a piece with “The Women” that is 6 feet long, but this is my first full scene done on a larger scale. After tracing the image onto the fabric I started laying in the ground and used a spackle knife to apply the wall texture and color. That was a lot of fun! I’ll be using that technique again.


Then I started laying in the skin, fruit and head scarf color and clothing.




In Haiti I was able to watch some artists as they worked. I watched how they blended colors on the canvas and I tried this as well in this piece. I kept looking at the reference photo but embellishing with my own style elements to complete the piece. I was also trying to balance the color of the painting throughout.



Next came the baskets.




After getting most of the color in I went over it lightly with a sharpie marker to add the black outline that is common in my work. I chose not to use paint because I wanted the outline to be subtle and the color to be prominent.


Here is the final piece. I wanted it to depict the beauty in everyday life.


Even though it was a slower process to complete the painting I’m glad that I was consistent and completed it. If you set a goal, plan time to get it accomplished, be consistent and you will reach your goals as well.
Thanks for reading,

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