Standing with Éclat

I was scrolling through my social media feed when I saw a post about an organization started by a young group of adults trying to make a positive change in the country of Haiti. The organizations name is ÉCLAT. I reached out to Ms. Clara Philor and I asked her about the organization. Here is our conversation:

1. Why and when did you all decide to create ÉCLAT?

There really wasn’t a specific date when we decided to create ÉCLAT. We always talked about the negative transformation we noticed in our respective hometowns and we each wanted to somehow bring back the positive aspect of the rural community of Haiti.



Pictured (L-R): Clara Philor, Secretary; MacKendy Talon, President; Sophia Philor, Vice President; Didier Brunot, Public Relations; Ann-Norah Philor, Media Relations Manager and Widmaier Janvier, Technical Director. Photos Courtesy of Sophia Philor.


Also, we’ve all heard stories of how green it used to be before we were even born. It was named the Caribbean pearl for a reason. Now it is sad to see how erosion and drought scars our beloved country.

As young professionals, we were tired of listening to people saying that we need to change. No one can better help Haiti if not its children. That became our motivation and hence the creation of ÉCLAT.

2. Why do you think we should start rallying to support?

We have a famous saying which says: “Men anpil chay pa lou”. No extraordinary feat is accomplished alone. On that note, we invite everyone to join or contribute to our cause. What we do is purely out of love for our country. Our main focus is to change the image of Haiti through Education, Collaboration, great Leadership, and Assisting our people to get to the Transformation we are aiming for. With your help, whether big or small, you will make a difference. In the end, we are hoping not to say “ÉCLAT” did it but instead “we” did it!

3. How can others help?
There are several ways to contribute to our cause. Donations are always welcome, no matter how small, it is always appreciated. Donations can be made on our website . We encourage everyone to keep in contact with us though the contact us section of our website where you can leave your contact information if interested in volunteering for any upcoming activity we are having. To stay connected please follow us on Instagram and Twitter @eclathaiti and Facebook: . We are very prompt in answering our messages and are always welcome to new ideas, advice and any form of contribution!

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support, it is very much appreciated and it motivates us to keep going towards our goal!

Eclat had their first fund raiser on June 7 , 2015. And I was able to donate 2 paintings for the event.


We need more people and organizations like EclatHaiti Inc. to help the country prosper.

Be sure to check out their website to support, help and donate.
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