New Women





Hello again,

I wanted to share the process of painting this new piece.  I’m not quite sure what to call it yet. This painting is very similar to my other women pieces but I wanted to do something different.

20150603_151827-1-1  20150603_171151-1

I started off as normal with a drawing of the women. Usually I draw them very straight and stiff but this time I wanted them to have a little more personality. I wanted them to feel like there was camaraderie,  a sense of community and togetherness. This is why you see them reaching out a hand to touch.

20150603_192428-1   20150604_112828-2-1

I didn’t have a color palate in mind when I painted this piece.  I just wanted it to be bright. I added the color for the skin then their clothes. I tried to distribute the color over the images evenly to balance the piece.

Next, I added some background colors in. I always like to layer color on top of color in thin washes. I like the idea of seeing something underneath after your first or second glance.

20150607_124244-1 20150607_130523-1

In these images the background was really loud and overpowering to the woman. I quieted the loud color with a white wash. I added some yellow to warm up the piece and added turquoise and white detail.


I’m really pleased with how the piece turned out.  I’m still growing as an artist trying new techniques but still trying to stay true to my style.

Thanks you for joining me on this journey of painting this new piece and thank you for reading.

Until next time,