Learning Photoshop


I have so many goals for myself as an artist one of which was to learn Photoshop. As you know I am a self-taught (I really like to say God-taught) artist. I haven’t had any formal training. What I’ve learned I learned from books, videos, YouTube tutorials, gleaning from more experienced artists and a lot of trial and error.

So to learn Photoshop I searched the web and after some digging I found an excellent website called Crtlpaint.com (Created by Illustrator Matt Kohr).  It’s a really great starting point of free tutorials for utters beginners like I was. (It also offers drawing and painting for intermediate and expert levels.) It takes you simply through stage by stage to progress to becoming an extremely proficient artist. I’m still working my way through.

When I saw Photoshop videos on YouTube of people painting I would always feel so overwhelmed by the huge amount of buttons and layers. Ugh pure frustration! But this website helped me understand what the program does at its most basic level.

Once I understood what the program did, I continued the tutorials on the tools and layers taking several notes.  The great thing about them is it teaches keyboard shortcuts as you go along. Do yourself a favor. LEARN THE SHORTCUTS! It makes the process so much easier.

With notes in tow I began practicing on my own. Some days I felt like throwing the tablet across the room! But I still kept at it. Here are a couple of those beginning images and a few after I started getting the hang of it. I’m still learning tips and tricks even now.

first pic










Another wonderful website I use is the School of Virtual Storytelling (Created by Illustrator’s Jack Parker and Will Terry). They have fabulous tutorials for beginners in Photoshop, drawing and painting all the way to expert level. (I recommend beginners to try Learn to Draw Everything tutorial. The best starting point for any beginning artist.) They also have a Third Thursday critique each month where they give a story prompt and the artist has to come up with an illustration to go with the prompt. They will choose the winners and critique them. I got the courage to submit this piece. (My submission can be seen in the video below at 3:41.)



I wasn’t even considered but I could not be prouder of where I began, with not having a clue of what to do, to creating a full illustration! Do I need to continue to learn and improve? Of course! Everyone does! We should be ever learning, thinking and dreaming.

If YOU want to start something you have always thought about doing. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!! Taking small steps toward your goal will lead you to your destination. You can do it! Just try!


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