Haiti Cherie Pt.2

Hello and welcome back!


In my last post I talked about my vacation to Haiti and the areas my traveling companions and I saw. I am glad to continue to share the exciting places we visited!


We woke up early in the morning and headed south for a day trip to Port-Salut, the area where my dad’s family grew up. I was able to see relatives I hadn’t seen in years.  It was great to catch up with everyone and reminisce about times past.

The area was very busy. There were lots of people working or walking to their various destinations. Horns honking in the distance and motorcycles bundled with 2 or 3 people plus their goods. It was truly a bustling place!

We went sightseeing around the area and saw many different sights.  There was a group of boys playing soccer. They gladly posed for us.

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On another stop our guide climbed a tree and chopped down fresh coconuts for us to drink!  We were able to drink the refreshing coconut water and eat the flesh from the shell with a spoon made from the outer husk. That was a lot of fun.

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Our final stop, which we were all anxiously waiting for, was the beach and it was so worth the wait. As you can see, the view was AMAZING! Beautiful white sandy beaches, clear blue water and lush green vegetation. I remember standing in the ocean trying to soak in the gorgeous view. The pictures don’t even begin to depict how beautiful it truly was. We hated to leave but we enjoyed the time spent. We kissed our relatives goodbye and headed back to Port-Au-Prince.

haiti phone pics 176 haiti phone pics 160haiti phone pics 155haiti phone pics 156haiti phone pics 141haiti phone pics 137

Cap Haitien-Millet

EARLY the next morning we took a 6 hour bus ride to Cap Haitien. We were on a mission to see The Citadel (A mountaintop fortress.) and Sans-Souci (The presidential palace). This YouTube video I found by Pierre Le Blanc tells the history of the fortress and the palace and shows a true account of what your journey would be like if you traveled to The Citadel and Sans-Souci.

Here are some of my pictures. It was such a breathtaking view. And the air was so cool up on the mountain.


haiti phone pics 619

My first time on a horse!



haiti phone pics 623

These two sweet guys guided my horse up and down the mountain.


haiti phone pics 624 haiti phone pics 617 haiti phone pics 629haiti phone pics 64820150705_16202520150705_171644



 haiti phone pics 655 haiti phone pics 652haiti phone pics 621 haiti phone pics 654 haiti phone pics 65020150705_170026 20150705_163758 20150705_16375520150705_163430







Next time, i’ll post about the final portion of my trip to Labadee and Petionville.  I have lots more pictures to share!

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