Back to Basics


(Image Credit:   Having a working knowledge of the basics is sooooo important. I would draw a picture and not understand why it didn’t turn out right. If the sketch is bad then the painting or drawing will be bad. Ugh! I had to stop painting and learn some basics. My drawing was awful!  

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Good, Better, Best

  When I moved to Eustis a few years ago the first thing I did was look for my local art museum. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Lake Eustis Art Museum. I planned a day and went to see the exhibit. It was Eye-cons of Florida’s Wilderness by Jim W. Wilson. I remember

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The Process

I generally don’t have an idea in mind when I start a painting.  I select colors that attract me at the time and began painting the background on several canvases. Some have the same color palates and others I choose new colors. I add random strokes to apply the paint all over the canvas while

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Quiet Times


In addition to being an artist I’m a married, homeschooling mom of four. People ask, “how do you do find the time to paint?”   Honestly I don’t get to paint every day because of the duties mentioned earlier, but if I find an opportunity during the day to paint (usually when my youngest is asleep)

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Creative Beginnings

I was always a creative child. My mother kept my sister and I stocked with crayons, coloring books, markers, paints and all your standard kid supplies. I remember loving to draw. I drew all the time even in class. I remember as a child I would see a piece of art I liked and get

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I Am an Artist


Over the weekend I set up at a local street fair and a little girl came up to my fellow artist and asked questions about her art. After speaking with the artist the little girl unabashedly exclaimed I’M AN ARTIST! I couldn’t believe the conviction of this little 6 year old! Her enthusiasm forced me

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