A Painting and a Proposal


Several months ago I was contacted by a friend who was interested in my painting, Blue Dancer, for her new home. We chit-chatted about the painting but she hadn’t made the final decision to purchase it. She said she’d talk it over with her boyfriend and let me know. I didn’t hear anything from her

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Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day I painted this painting 5 years ago but it’s still one of my favorite pieces. It’s also the only painting I’ve ever done in black and white. This sweet little baby girl is resting peacefully om her mommy’s chest. It depicts the safety of a mother’s love. I never realized how great a

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Painting Queen


Hello, This week I wanted to share my newest painting with you entitled Queen. Theses were the first two attempts at her face. I finally settled on this face and started painting. I normally paint the background color first and then add the image on top.  After I develop the image a little I work on

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Sowing a Seed, Reaping a Legacy


I was scrolling through my Facebook wall and saw an advertisement for a free art activity for kids in the park sponsored by Artist with a Purpose, Leesburg Center for the Arts, and Leesburg CDC. I packed my kids up and went to the event. When we got there the kids in attendance were already

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Exhibition at Chefs of the World

  A few weeks ago I was invited by my mentor, Cecil Bernard, to exhibit my art alongside him at the Chefs of the World: A Taste of Fame fundraiser in Atlanta, GA. “It showcases exquisite creations by top chefs of the world, recognizing their extraordinary culinary accomplishments. A portion of the proceeds from the

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Different but Same

Wright. Different but Same. Acrylic. 16x20

Greetings! I painted this piece a few months ago and I wanted to share it with you. It’s called “Different but Same”. The idea for this piece was inspired by the friends I have made from around the world. We talk about our families, our work, our beliefs and celebrations. We have differences in our

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My Student Art Gallery

I was looking for something in my storage closet and came across a package of student art work I kept from years ago. Looking at their work brought back great memories of those wonderful children . We would do an art activity and some of the children loved their pieces  while others couldn’t care less

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Art in Education

A couple of months ago I was asked to speak at a private school teacher’s convention about integrating art into education. (I taught in the classroom for 8 years and have been homeschooling for the last 5 years.) I accepted and started to prepare. I got all my materials ready, made my outline, wrote down

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Story of Soup Joumou

Story of Soupe Joumou

Soupe Joumou (Freedom Soup)  is a pumpkin based soup with herbs, vegetables, noodles and meat. Every January first my father would bring home Soupe Joumou and we would eat and enjoy it, but I never knew the meaning behind it. That all changed when I read this post last year.          

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Art Basel Miami!

ART BASEL MIAMI! A few weeks ago I had the fabulous opportunity of experiencing Art Basel Miami for the first time. What an explosion of color, movement and energy! The streets were flooded with people from all walks of life anxious to see the breathtaking pieces of art waiting for them on display. It was

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