Hello again! I wanted to talk a little about a piece I just finished. I call her “Afrora Borealis”. This painting is inspired from an image posted by Natural Hair blogger, Seriously Natural. I loved the idea of this huge, full head of hair and the regal, unapologetic gaze of the model.     

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You know you’re an artist if…


Hi there! Here are some things that I have realized about myself as an artist. Maybe you can relate.   You know you’re an artist if you… Go to the craft store for one item and come out with 20 or 30! Have tons of magazines. Have a file full of ripped out magazine pages

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Learning Photoshop


I have so many goals for myself as an artist one of which was to learn Photoshop. As you know I am a self-taught (I really like to say God-taught) artist. I haven’t had any formal training. What I’ve learned I learned from books, videos, YouTube tutorials, gleaning from more experienced artists and a lot

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Women Selling Fruit


Hello again!! Thank you for allowing me to share my trip in the last three blog posts. It was a wonderful experience where I saw and learned a lot.  As a result I have a wealth of beautiful photographs as reference to start a new group of paintings. I wanted to share the process with you.

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Haiti Cherie Pt. 3 (Final)

Hi! Welcome to the final installment of my trek around Haiti. I’ll share the last two locations, Labadee and Petionville. Labadee In my last post I wrote about our visit to the Citadel and Sans-Souci. The next day we went to the beach in Labadee, a privately owned area of Haiti which is a destination spot for

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Haiti Cherie Pt.2

Hello and welcome back!   In my last post I talked about my vacation to Haiti and the areas my traveling companions and I saw. I am glad to continue to share the exciting places we visited! Port-Salut We woke up early in the morning and headed south for a day trip to Port-Salut, the

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Haiti Cherie Pt. 1

Hello Everyone! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on vacation to Haiti. I cannot express to you how wonderful and beautiful the country is. Over the next couple of blog posts I will take you through my travels of Haiti though photos and the art I have been inspired to create.

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Standing with Éclat

I was scrolling through my social media feed when I saw a post about an organization started by a young group of adults trying to make a positive change in the country of Haiti. The organizations name is ÉCLAT. I reached out to Ms. Clara Philor and I asked her about the organization. Here is

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Happy Father’s Day!


I know everyone says this, but truly I have the best dad in the whole wide world. He is so kind, loving and most of all giving. He would literally give you the shirt off of his back. It’s a blessing to have a dad who is ALWAYS there for me, prays for me, supports,

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New Women


      Hello again, I wanted to share the process of painting this new piece.  I’m not quite sure what to call it yet. This painting is very similar to my other women pieces but I wanted to do something different.    I started off as normal with a drawing of the women. Usually

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